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  • Console Repairs

    x1Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death RROD

    Is your Xbox 360 displaying 1,2, or 3 red lights around the power button? If so you need to book your console in for repair. The GPU chip needs to be reflowed / reballed to fix this fault

    Xbox 360 and Xbox Slim Laser Replacement

    Games not loading? Does the message “Open Tray” appear on the dashboard, even when there is a disc inside? Do you get the “clean disk” message during game play on every disc you try? Your Xbox laser has either weakend or failed completely. You need to book your Xbox 360 in for repair.

    Xbox 360 No Picture / Picture Freezing / Distorted Graphics?

    All above mentioned faults are due to a GPU issue. The Xbox GPU chip needs to be reflowed / reballed.

    Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death / YLOD

    You power on your PS3, the fans start but then the power light goes from green – flashes yellow then back to a red flashing light. Your console may also “beep” 3 times. This is kown as the Playstation 3 YLOD. This is a problem with the GPU chip in your console, and needs to be booked in for repair. This is also the most common problem we repair with over 60% of all consoles that go through our doors having this problem.

    Playstation 3 not reading discs / crashing during game play

    Do your games take ages to load or not load at all? Do your games seem to stall, lose sound quality and freeze all together during play? Then you have an issue with the blu ray laser in your console and need to book your Playstion 3 repair.

    Playstation 3 No output on TV or HDMI problems

    This could be due to one of 2 problems, either a software issue, or a problem with the ports on your console. Either way, we can repair this issue so book your Playstation 3 repair.

    Playstation 3 Hard drive upgrade

    Do you keep your music or films on your consoles hard drive? Well we also offer hard drive upgrades meaning you can fit even more on your console.

    Nintendo Wii Laser Faults

    Is the Wii displaying the “unable to load game” error, or coming up with the black screen error message? Your laser may be weak or completly blown and in need of replacement.

    Nintendo Wii not accepting / ejecting discs

    The Wii consoles have a intricate mechanism that takes in and ejects the disk. This mechanism can become damaged or unaligned and needs to be repaired.

    Nintendo Wii controllers won’t sync – WiFi issues

    The Wii WiFi reciever inside the console may have become faulty and needs to be replaced. Please always check your remotes by using them on another console, or other remotes on yours to rule out a faulty remote then book your Wii repair.

    We repair all sorts of game consoles, even if they’re not listed here.

    Do not hesitate to contact us via phone ( 01904 691 311 ) or email

    We repair all formats of Nintendo DS including NDS, NDS Lite, NDS i, NDS i XL, Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo DS Touch screen not responsive
    Through normal play the touch screen can become non responsive, or not register the touch in the right place. We recommend you try to re-callibrate the console before considering getting the console repaired. Please call us to find out how.
    Nintendo DS Screen Replacement
    The screens on Nintendo DS consoles can crack, or not display a picture. If the top screen is faulty it can prevent the whole console from turning on. If this is happening book your Nintendo Repair.
    Nintendo DS Broken hinge / damaged case.
    The design of the Nintendo DS with the opening and closing movement can over time lead to the hinge breaking. We advise getting this repaired ASAP as cables from the top screen, mic and speakers run through the hinge and can become damaged if your Nintendo DS is not repaired.
    Nintendo Ds Power Issues
    Is the console not charging properly? This could be a faulty charging port, but check your battery first. Do the console screens flicker but fail to start, this could be a faulty top screen. Fuses on the motherboard may also of blown. In either case the DS will need to be booked in for repair.

    PSP Not Reading UMD’s

    Is the console not loading the UMD games, with the spinning disc icon in the corner of the screen just constantly rotating? This may mean the PSP requires a new laser fitting. We reccomend trying more than one UMD to rule out a scratched UMD.

    PSP Screen Replacement

    Has the PSP got a cracked screen, or blown pixels (little red or green dots)? The PSP screen will need replacing.

    PSP Power Fault

    Does your PSP not turn on, does it have trouble charging the battery? It may need a new charging port. Try another battery to rule out a faulty battery.

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