Wireless Network Installation Services?

Looking for a wireless network provider to supply Wi-Fi through-out your business? From pubs to hotels, shopping centres to law firms and more, we can look after all your connectivity needs.
Here at Advance Computer Systems, we know how important being connected is. Most businesses now completely rely on a fast and constant connection so they can stay in contact with their customers and clients. That’s why we can now offer your business, large or small, a range of services to help run your IT networks and communications not only efficiently but effectively too. Our aim is always to help your business run at its full potential.

Wireless Installations

As you may have realised, the traditional hard-wired networks can often be awkward and clumsy, as well as hard to maintain. On the other hand, a wireless network will allow you to stay connected as a business throughout your office without the restriction of wired hardware. This means it’s a lot easier for you to move around from desks and rooms, as well as connecting new devices with simplicity.
At Advance Computers, when our installation service is carried out, the engineers will install the correct hardware and any devices that you would like to be connected to the network wirelessly. Whether you operate your business from home, a small or even large office, Advance Computers are here to help supply your company with a wireless network.
A good place to start would be to have a free network installation survey so that we can best determine the possible coverage for your wireless network.

Public access Wi-Fi

We can provide managed public access Wi-Fi for your customers, so they can access the internet on either their phone, tablet or laptop. We’ll make sure that it’s easy but efficient for your customers, ensuring they have a good experience and therefore benefiting your business in the process too. You may particularly benefit from providing this service to customers if you are one of either businesses:

Care homes

Offering your residents access to the internet can improve their lives. For instance, in a recent study of people aged 55 and over, 86% of them said that the internet has enhanced their lives. A fast and stable internet connection is quickly becoming essential for our older generation. It can now even be a deciding factor with residents and also their families, as to whether or not to choose your care home, especially for those with family who don’t live nearby meaning using the internet through skype is vital for them to stay connected. It also helps you to increase standards of care by employing such new technology. We will make sure to separate the secure networks from residents and admin use.


When choosing a hotel, one of the things many people look for is whether or not they will have access to a reliable wireless connection. A fast and safe wireless network is essential for hotels if they want to compete. Many guests, particularly those visiting for business purposes will expect to be able to check their e-mails, load web pages and even stream films. In addition, further benefits include, improved customer reviews and satisfaction, increase in business customers and greater efficiency for your hotel itself.


Whether you own an independent gym or you manage a nationwide chain, you could benefit by giving member access to free Wi-Fi, why? Well by having free Wi-Fi, it allows your clients to listen to their Spotify tracks while working out and also allows them access to their fitness assessment apps or other training schedules. It can also become a marketing tool by getting your members to connect to your Wi-Fi using their social media profile.

Other business that would benefit include:

• Cafes and Bars
• B&B’s and Guesthouses
• Hair Salons & Barbers
• Campsites & Caravan Parks
• Shops & Retail Outlets
• Schools
• Restaurants

If you would like to find more information about the wireless network installation services we have to offer or would like to arrange network survey, then we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call today on 01904 691311.