What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint online is a web-based application that offers document management and collaboration for companies to help share information effectively, saving time and money for your business. Nowadays, we find more and more companies are embracing a flexible approach to staffing which makes it all the more important to be able to easily access information from any device or location.
SharePoint allows users to upload, download and manage documents. It enables you to create document libraries, databases, workflows, shared calendars, events and much more. It’s accessible through any web browser, whether on your mobile or desktop. In addition, it’s fully customisable to completely suit your business needs. It can also be used as a corporate intranet, so any polices, guides and daily tasks are kept up to date.
Benefits of SharePoint within your business…

1. Access important documents from any device

Not only can you access your company-wide or personal documents from your desktop, but because they’re cloud based, your files are securely stored and available from any browser, mobile or tablet.

2. Allows you to centralise storage of your documents

Instead of having your documents distributed throughout your business, SharePoint allows you to consolidate document storage which means you can bring structure and order to any active documents within your business.

3. Enhances work performance

SharePoint allows teams within your workplace to co-operate and work together on the same document, share information and also track any changes that are made. What’s also great is that SharePoint can also put updates into a single document which means you’ll never have to worry about overwriting any important data.

4. Control access to your documents

SharePoint helps you to manage your document permissions. This is done by allowing either site-wide or individual file control over who sees what and which documents are available to download. This helps you to effectively and intelligently manage the workflow within your business.
In conclusion then, with SharePoint Online, there’s no more lost documents or inconsistent filing to worry about. Return structure and control to your business and enhance your performance.

SharePoint Online really is a business powerful tool for today’s modern workplace that allows you to effectively create, share and collaborate within your company. SharePoint Online is available on its own, or as part of an Office 365 suite including Exchange Online, all of which we can help you with. So If you’re are interested in SharePoint, call Advance Computers today on 01904 691311 to see how we can provide you with all you need to accelerate your performance.

So is SharePoint Online right for your business?

Fast & secure access from any device
Helps users find the data they need
Improves team working and knowledge sharing
Puts business intelligences at your employees fingertips