Email Services

Today email is the lifeline of modern businesses, so you need a service that is up to date and flexible. All of our email services use fast, high availability servers to ensure your emails are delivered straight away every day. You don’t need to be concerned about viruses or waste time deleting spam because all of our email accounts have virus protection and free spam filtering.

For a Business Enterprize Class email service, we recommend our Hosted Exchange 2013 platform


With the POP3 email service, you will be able to easily send and receive emails using most email programs. With the advanced Exchange email alternative you can access your email from anywhere, at any time, using a standard Web Browser. Easily migrate from any email service like: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Windows Live.

Web based access to email from anywhere tin the world

If you require an email address that is independent to your Broadband or any other service you already run, then we can help. Your account can use any format available, through any computer’s browsers or POP3 IMAP account. The format of the email address will be, and the cost will be £14.99 per year. users

If you already have an email address with Advance,,  then you can pick your emails up through any computer’s browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) through Webmail. Click here You will need your Username, which is your FULL email address, for E.G, and your password.


Email ( dedicated ) 

The 2nd option is a dedicated service, where you have your own domain name, which is necessary if you want to run your own business or Ecommerce site. This would take the format of If you just want a personal website or just an email address with your specific name then you would still need a domain name. Domain names are not expensive, roughly about £15.99 for 2 years (needs re-registering every 2 years). Then you will need web hosting to run the domain name which starting costs are from £29.99 (yearly) so on going costs are £15.99 every 2 years, and £29.99 yearly.