iPhone-5c Repairs

iPhone Screen Repairs / iPhone Smashed Screens
If the glass on your iPhone is smashed or scratched, the LCD is not displaying correctly, or if the screen is moving on its own then the screen will need replacing. We can normally complete this repair within a couple of days of receipt of the phone.

iPhone LCD

Screens on iPhone 3 or 3GS have separate parts so can be replaced individually.
iPhone 4 and later models have the LCD and digitise sealed together so if the LCD or glass is damaged, both will be replaced.

  • We are no longer repairing iPhones or Consoles.

    Any questions, please call 01904 691 311

  • Other iPad repairs we carry out include:

    • iPhone WiFi Repair

    • iPhone Volume Ribbon Replacements

    • iPhone Damaged Port Repair.

    • iPhone 3G Antenna Repair.

      • iPhone Camera Repair

      • iPhone Sim Reader Repair

      • iPhone Battery Replacement.

      • iPhone diagnostics

      • Phone-repairs